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My inner eight year old has finally been allowed the adventure her heart longed for. Guys, I knew I was going to enjoy the hobbit but I didn't realize how much the film would reach out and twist the heart of me until I was silly with love and saying the riddles out loud. I haven't read the book since I was thirteen!

That was the inner me. The now me was ready for hot dwarf action? But can you really be prepared for it, honestly? That is to say, I was not at all conflicted but confused as the preparation was mental. I WAS NOT PHYSICALLY PREPARED FOR THORIN OAKENSHIELD HOLY FUCK! I will now spoil myself before the next films because that was not fair! Peter Jackson had the rugged handsome on lock!

It was a revelation! And I feel for Peter Jackson because I know he wanted a film that was even more successful than the Fellowship Trilogy but how do you make the audience care about dwarves? I could see him riddled with worry and that question hounded him into many a restless sleep!

But the answer was simple: maintain the audience expectation of fantasy dwarf while simultaneously smashing those preconceived notions with HOT DWARF. Not just hot though, smoking.

I've never wanted to actively participate in fandom for a while now what with the business. But this one calls to me.

So go see it! Talk to me about it! BRING ME ALL THE NEW FIC!

i'll be over here composing bard of dale/legolas fics to fight against the thorin/thranduil that threatens my very soul. no seriously, the stories are glorious.

God I have missed you guys!


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