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ninja assassin is an action movie derived from the early 80s tradition of japanese ninja/martial arts film. there are some very interesting action sequences, more plot than i expected, and plenty of moments to grin and cringe and even chuckle through and at the movie.

if you are like me, the title ninja assassin should have been enough. it is a kind title, one that does nothing to lead you astray or trick you into thinking the film is something that it's not.

there are ninjas. there are assassins. ninjas are assassins. ninjas assassinate. assassins are ninjas. assassins will be ninja'd.

ninja assassins, like vampires, require blood to survive.

it's all very simple.

but you don't need to know about any of that!

if you did not benefit/suffer through the time when ninjas kicked all kinds of pirate/cowboy ass and or permeate your childhood in any and all forms of delightful ways (be they teenaged, mutant, or members of an elite force bent on world domination) you need another reason to see the film.

i understand that money is sometimes difficult to part with and for a film you are not instantly attracted to, it becomes doubly hard. forget about the money, it's not important! it's not what you should focus on.

all you need know is the movie stars the korean pop sensation rain.

who? click the below link for a taste. a TASTE!

and then go see ninja assassin. please. do it for the children.

friends don't let friends go through life without rain
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i once made a post about the antique baker movie but it was, admittedly, half assed. i need to try again, although i can't guarantee this will be better.


the cast

the trailer:

introductions, once more with feeling )

the links:

antique bakery movie downloads
and yes i dl both french and english versions to further my education.

sigh i tried!!!


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