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i highly recommend it. the film not only explores an interesting idea but manages to execute the idea so damn well. i really mean solid from beginning to end. it's like a twelve layer cake with strawberries and cream cheese icing of sexass between each one. men in suits? scrumptious!

cut for good looking pictures and possible casting spoiler but mostly ridiculously handsome men i love )

so bottom line, go see the film! it's not only good looking, it's good for you!

fuckyeahinception if you need more convincing.
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dissolution of what is possibly the most pretty/talented/successful boybands of the current decade because it hurts. *fistsofsadfury*

instead i will do my. okay not my best, i still don't know what that is, but i will attempt to pimp chiddy bang instead.

when chiddy bang first blipped my radar, they were a 4 piece band of freshman college students out philadelphia whose mix tape literally spit hot fire. no seriously, fire spit from my computer screen and my speakers. my brows are only now beginning to grow back. they've since culled their numbers and chiddy bang is now comprised by xaphoon jones and chiddy. chiddy's flow is young and fresh and xaphoon's beats are amazing. amazing. i know some people don't consider sampling or constructing beats music, but i think it is in the way say, you take the original song and make it your own while still retaining it's integrity/leaving it recognizable.

i haven't loved a group like this since n.e.r.d. they just released a new mixtape, the air swell, but i've just tossed a couple of songs from their last three offical endeavors.

day & night
truth ft. passion pit
hey london
under the sheets
fresh like us

check 'em out! you won't regret it.


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