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hello 2014!

Jan. 1st, 2014 08:58 pm
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if twenty-thirteen was about understanding who i am and gaining confidence to be that person, then 2014 will be about solidifying these ideas so i can continue to grow and change and love the life i have.

this means i vow:

1. to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally
2. to write even when i'm discouraged
3. to finish what i start no matter because i can do it
4. to go to more concerts
5. to spend time with the people i like and love and care about
6. to go to europe again
7. to lay like a mason from 1890s new York
8. to be brave and bold and brash
9. to understand that failure is opportunity
10. to be a grown woman and do whatever i want


May. 1st, 2013 09:44 pm
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i just turned in my last essay assignment of my graduate career!* the idea that i am done with school, done done, i will walk on sunday done hasn't hit me yet. possibly it is because i have to give a final to my class on friday. but that's only a small part.

i will miss the feeling of being educated. i'll miss knowing where i'm going, the best times to go where, and having a space that simultaneously challenges and validates my intellect and love of learning. i'll miss the rigor and the sunlight creeping into the stacks of the library.

but mostly, i appreciate being given this opportunity and that i've challenged myself to be a better me and really find out what that means.

*until i go back and get a phd. 3-8 years tops
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My inner eight year old has finally been allowed the adventure her heart longed for. Guys, I knew I was going to enjoy the hobbit but I didn't realize how much the film would reach out and twist the heart of me until I was silly with love and saying the riddles out loud. I haven't read the book since I was thirteen!

That was the inner me. The now me was ready for hot dwarf action? But can you really be prepared for it, honestly? That is to say, I was not at all conflicted but confused as the preparation was mental. I WAS NOT PHYSICALLY PREPARED FOR THORIN OAKENSHIELD HOLY FUCK! I will now spoil myself before the next films because that was not fair! Peter Jackson had the rugged handsome on lock!

It was a revelation! And I feel for Peter Jackson because I know he wanted a film that was even more successful than the Fellowship Trilogy but how do you make the audience care about dwarves? I could see him riddled with worry and that question hounded him into many a restless sleep!

But the answer was simple: maintain the audience expectation of fantasy dwarf while simultaneously smashing those preconceived notions with HOT DWARF. Not just hot though, smoking.

I've never wanted to actively participate in fandom for a while now what with the business. But this one calls to me.

So go see it! Talk to me about it! BRING ME ALL THE NEW FIC!

i'll be over here composing bard of dale/legolas fics to fight against the thorin/thranduil that threatens my very soul. no seriously, the stories are glorious.

God I have missed you guys!
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i wake up
rise to the sun
i go to work
and i come back home

alabama shakes - rise to the sun

there were moments when i looked at my calendar and realized the only day i was not at work or on campus was sunday. and there were weeks (WEEKS PLURAL) when i lost those sundays too.

but none of that fucking matters the semester is over tomorrow!

um. this is what i feel like right now only 40 essays to grade and then i am free (until next semester)! but none of that matters. one more day! ONE MORE DAY!

i love life like kaka loves jesus!

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the must unnecessary neccesary reboot ever )

someone said that aldis hodge is in the running for a black panther movie? YES PLEASE! the only thing that could be better is a static movie. which needs to happen! but probably won't. :(

in other news... TEEN WOLF! wtf show that episode was very, very good. like fun, campy, intriguing television. may your ratings increase (like the number of naked jackson scenes)!
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also, someone (probably me) needs to write that story about how fernando torres and fernando llorenthe get together and open a daycare after they retire, or maybe RIGHT NOW! and players drop their children off and all the little girls love playing with f. torres and there are tea parties and he's always so good to their dolls and everyone wants to marry him when they grow up and they climb llorenthe like a tree and he can drag a smile from the most mulish expressions and every day is an absolute joy! SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT THIS STUFF!

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how that scene should have went )
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after napping for ten minutes i find myself awake again, mind churning with movie thoughts. spoilers ahoy! adventures abound!

the adventures of tintin )
serlock holmes )
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life has a magnificent way of pushing me down, pulling my pigtails, and making me eat mud pies. i am home right now, not at all where i want to be, not at all where i planned to be, not at all where i paid to be, and after some feel good television (thank you community & parks & recs and young justice and hunterxhunter) i have decided that i will not spend more than one hour in my pity party.

after i get out of my pity party, i will begin an entire year of TREAT YO SELF!

which is probably not the point of this entire episode, but you know what? it's only money. and i will have my memories one way or the other!

match day!

Sep. 10th, 2011 03:00 pm
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i haven't been able to watch a match in a long, long time due to new school responsibilities and old work constraints, and i have missed my team. TERRIBLY.

real madrid v. getafe )


Jul. 20th, 2011 11:05 am
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i have residual crankiness )

for your time:
the hours - narcissus road
matchbox 20 - 3am (acoustic)
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it's the resolution of the song that gets me. those last few chords echoing.... the sad thing is i've yet to purchase his album. it's too early in the year for him to make me feel wibbly and yearning! that is clearly fall into winter music! yet here i am, clutching my chest and whining along with him, laying out my heart and feeling power and damning it all because i can't see him in concert! tickets were sold out when i didn't have monies :(
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six pictures? ONLY SIX PICTURES? jimminy cricket! and i'm looking at my icon thinking, oh yeah. that one too!


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