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it's the resolution of the song that gets me. those last few chords echoing.... the sad thing is i've yet to purchase his album. it's too early in the year for him to make me feel wibbly and yearning! that is clearly fall into winter music! yet here i am, clutching my chest and whining along with him, laying out my heart and feeling power and damning it all because i can't see him in concert! tickets were sold out when i didn't have monies :(


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:35 pm
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i am remiss in my posting duties but i haven't forgotten!!!

30 days of music
consider this your evening juke box! )


Aug. 25th, 2010 04:10 pm
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30 days of music
day 3: a song that makes you happy

m-flo is my favorite japanese act. they know how to put together a tight album and are consistent with their quality and their ability to get me to move. the "m-flo loves" collaborations produce some of the best hip-hop/pop i've ever heard anywhere! narrowing it down was very hard but i eventually went with m-flo loves alex's love me after 12am because it features alex who is part of my favorite korean group, clazziquai project. his voice is amazingly mellow and i could listen to it all night long. and then it there is a break in the song that samples from digital love by daft punk, another of my most favorite songs. so i kind of get three in one? it always gets me to smile, full stop, hands up, heart light. but now i'm second guessing myself. should i have chosen digital love instead?

the original studio version is not in english but i love the life version from the cosmicolor tour.

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Aug. 24th, 2010 05:42 pm
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30 days of music
day 02: Your least favorite song

least favorite as in from all the songs i like the one i like the least? least favorite as in from all my favorites which one is on the bottom? least favorite as in a song i do not like? if that's the case i refuse your ambiguous definitions meme! there is no way in hell i'm going to post my heart will go on in this journal!

i'm choosing my least favorite of all my favorite songs.

coming up with a list of favorite songs from multiple, often disparate, genres and narrowing it down to the top 25 took forever, and yes i am crazy but never fear, i manage it well most days! after this rather thorough cull, it is decided. my least favorite song is fireworks by animal collective. there's not much i can say about animal collective. you either like them or you hate them as the sonic explosion of awesome, innovation, strange, and repetition isn't for everyone. but i heard who could win a rabbit and was hit hard. they are for me.

man, it passes right by me it's behind me, now it's gone
i can't lift you up cause my mind is tired, it's family beaches that i desire
that sacred night where we watched the fireworks
they frightened the babies and you know they've got two flashing eyes
and if they are color blind, they make me feel, that you're only what i see sometimes
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the black keys - brothers

for me it just might be. on the other hand i am very much feeling this particular sound right now. observe. enjoyed sea of cowards more than horehound but that's just me.

the dead weather - i can't hear you
the dead weather - difference between us
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dissolution of what is possibly the most pretty/talented/successful boybands of the current decade because it hurts. *fistsofsadfury*

instead i will do my. okay not my best, i still don't know what that is, but i will attempt to pimp chiddy bang instead.

when chiddy bang first blipped my radar, they were a 4 piece band of freshman college students out philadelphia whose mix tape literally spit hot fire. no seriously, fire spit from my computer screen and my speakers. my brows are only now beginning to grow back. they've since culled their numbers and chiddy bang is now comprised by xaphoon jones and chiddy. chiddy's flow is young and fresh and xaphoon's beats are amazing. amazing. i know some people don't consider sampling or constructing beats music, but i think it is in the way say, you take the original song and make it your own while still retaining it's integrity/leaving it recognizable.

i haven't loved a group like this since n.e.r.d. they just released a new mixtape, the air swell, but i've just tossed a couple of songs from their last three offical endeavors.

day & night
truth ft. passion pit
hey london
under the sheets
fresh like us

check 'em out! you won't regret it.
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i deleted my myspace account years ago because i don't use it and the layout is just horrible, interface, less free songs from artists, last.fm is better, blahblahblah, but. benny sings has new songs!! so i ask anyone who uses myspace, if the songs are listed as available for purchase, does this mean you can buy them? or is it a trick to get me back in? this is a new obsession for me. not the europop, but this particular area. i liked the stripped down sound in many genres but r&b in particular. benny's voice has a quiet groove to it, somewhere between robin thicke (sexass) and oh, the beegees?

benny sings - coconut
benny sings - feather

giovanca is almost as new as benny sings and just as welcomed into my collection. plenty of style with clean intonation and i'm a sucker for singers who are able to embellish sweetly. vocally she fits between dianah ross and chrisette michelle to my ear, again clean with a bit of the holiday bend, although i don't know if that's accent or imitation. also, without going to deep into things like racefail and the avatar white wash and identity, physically, i can identify more and it does feel good to enjoy an artist on this level too.

giovanca - joyride
giovanca - hyptonize you

and it's match start. hie me away to find 2 streams. and feeling so sad that i have to chose between someone.
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home, finally. to regain my zen music for all!

the artist: bon iver
a taste and description and sample because i'm lazy and this is better: bon iver on last.fm
the album: emma, forever ago
why you should buy the ep: blood bank

i like the album from beginning to end and listen to it in order. that rarely happens. favorite song may be skinny love, whichscreamsdavidikertomeidk. when did i start to like drama and angst? thanks to songs like computer love and t.pain's vodacoder revival, i think woods is my favorite of the current ep although blood bank is amazing. the 4 tracks follow in the same slow, dreamy vein that reminds me of a winter so deep and so coldcold but that doesn't matter because there's a hand in yours and you can see stars forever.

why yes i am a sap and love winter. wanna make something of it?


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